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How the Executive MBA from Nanyang Business School, Singapore is Powering the Next Generation of Leaders

Agility is what makes today’s businesses and leaders successful. The ability to adapt rapidly allows managers to keep up with the amazing pace of innovation and technological progress.

The Nanyang EMBA offers a transformative learning experience. The programme is designed for high-calibre, high-potential professionals — future leaders who appreciate the value of investing in personal development.

Leadership Preparation in a Technology-Driven World

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EMBA candidates seek to build the knowledge and skills to maintain a competitive edge is a continually evolving business world.

The programme focuses on preparing you to elevate and meet emerging challenges and opportunities. Beyond that ambition, the EMBA aims to empower you to be an innovative change maker in leading business in an era marked by disruption.

Well positioned to enable fresh thinking and cutting-edge practices, the programme supports expansion of your perspective on leadership and business strategy within an Asian context. This EMBA prepares you to excel in adapting to each new phase of digital technology expansion across the globe.

A Diverse Learning Experience

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‚ÄčThis is much more than just an academic education. The Nanyang EMBA learning experience is designed to nurture new ways of thinking about how you approach management and leadership in your organisation.

Students interact with world-class teachers and fellow students from diverse industries, sectors and professional backgrounds. You gain access to new ideas and innovative methods to generate high-impact changes to your work methods.

Building a leadership mindset will enable you to respond quickly and decisively to challenges, claim opportunities and create relationships — with a goal to expand your organisation and individual value.‚Äč

The average age of programme participants is 40, with an age range from 32 to 58. Professional experience is 14 years on average. Students collectively represent 40+ nationalities and are drawn from more than 20 industry sectors.

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