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Best Online MBA in Australia

These online MBA programs in Australia for 2022 are all flexible and affordable. They offer excellent academic quality. Moreover, you can flexibly learn at your convenience during each week.

Students are able to evaluate these online programs by completing the first four subjects. They earn a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA) after completing these initial units.

Mostly, students like the flexibility and additional advantages of an MBA online. If you’re pleased with your learning experience, you can continue to complete the MBA program in full.

Benefits of Online MBA from Australia

The best online MBA programs from Australia are as just as good as campus-based courses. The programs also provide extra benefits of flexibility, value for money, and interactive learning. Key advantages include:

  • The MBA courses are affordable for students.
  • The business schools have designed these programs for online learning. They are fully flexible.
  • Assessment is not exam-based. The universities assess the students continuously.
  • Advanced digital learning enables modern programs with full online support.
  • Universities are able to offer the better learning support services due to reduced operational costs.

You’re still able to build business, management and leadership skills to the same level as you would with an on-campus program. Online learning just increases convenience and your ability to study part-time as a working professional.

Top 4 Online MBA Programs in Australia

These online MBA courses offer the students everything you could want and expect from a well-priced degree. Learning is interactive and the programs are designed for part-time online study.

The courses are not self-paced types. Such programs only provide minimal support and don’t provide a classmate participation experience. Students leave such programs in high numbers before completion.

Similarly, the list excludes adapted MBA’s that represent a poor online replica of a campus program. Adapted courses tend to be inflexible and carry unwanted design features, such as end-of-year exams.

Here are the top four picks. For further details about the programs and an up-to-date list of MBA rankings, see the MBA page at Lerna Courses.

1. Southern Cross University

Lismore campus of Southern Cross University
Lismore campus of Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University provides a modern e-learning platform that delivers seven-week modules. Every year, students get six start points with these modules. They also have the option of choosing a general or specialized program.

MBA students can choose from the following specialization streams: Managing and Leading People, Health Services Management, Accounting, and Information/ Knowledge Management. SCU Online has designed the MBA course for distance learning. Hence, students can quickly and intuitively learn by enrolling in this 100% online MBA.

2. James Cook University

James Cook University, Australia
James Cook University, Australia

The online MBA course from JCU Online is highly flexible. It runs all year round. You can complete the program faster or take a break at any time in the year. You can also focus on one unit at a time. All this implies that you can combine your MBA online with a full-time job.

You can specialize in any of the following three areas: Data Management and Analysis, Global Perspective and Strategy, and Organisational Leadership. The university also assigns a Student Success Advisor for online guidance. The students can learn by choosing anything from the online LearnJCU repository.

3. Ducere Global Business School

Ducere Global Business School graduation day
Ducere Global Business School graduation day

This international business school offers an online MBA that has been running for several years. The university has partnered with the Torrens University Australia for delivering the MBA degree. The Innovation and Leadership MBA is amongst the best Australian online MBA programs.

The innovative business school teaches applied skills by connecting students with Australian businesses. You get to do actual online projects in small teams for your professional development. You get the real skills in this manner and don’t waste time in theoretical learning for academic exams. The students enjoy the activities, and that is why the completion rates are excellent.

4. University of Adelaide

Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide, Australia

University of Adelaide students access a comprehensive curriculum with finance, marketing, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship courses. They can also specialize in the streams of health management and IT.

Enrolled students have 6-week learning modules with interactive classes and full online support. Overall, they get an excellent curriculum and can potentially come away with the skills and confidence to run any organization.

AACSB Accreditation

A number of online business schools in Australia are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Note that not being accredited doesn’t imply a graduate school is of lesser quality. At last check, AACSB accreditation was held by 16 Australian universities with distance learning MBA courses:

  • Adelaide Business School
  • Curtin Business School
  • Deakin University
  • Griffith University
  • La Trobe University
  • Macquarie University
  • Monash University
  • Newcastle Business School
  • QUT Business School
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Tasmanian School of Business and Economics
  • UniSA Business
  • UNSW Business School
  • UTS Business School
  • UWA Business School
  • Western Sydney University

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree and a couple of years of professional experience are essentially all you need to be admitted to most Master of Business Administration programs in Australia. Your bachelor’s degree doesn’t have to be in business; any discipline is acceptable. And Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores aren’t usually a factor.

Even without a degree, course admission is possible if you have extensive work experience. But you may need to start with a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, which is made up of four subjects from the online MBA program. Some programs, via the graduate certificate pathway, also accept students without significant professional experience if other entry requirements are met.

FEE-HELP government loans are available to cover tuition fees for Australian MBA students. These are automatic and paid back gradually according to your income level.

Note that international students on a Student Visa aren’t able to do fully online university courses in Australia. But the courses are open to students from abroad, provided that you meet English language proficiency requirements.


  1. Tim Jackson

    What is the typical cost for James Cook University when it comes to its online MBA programs? I have been looking into studying outside the US but online and a lot of people were recommending Australia. I am just not sure how much something like this would cost. I am most interested in James Cook University.

  2. Mike

    It turns out to be a great option too. Actually, I was looking for some good colleges near my city for doing an MBA. Good ones are far away and they require entrance tests too. But here I can get admission with my undergrad degree and experience. Is just incredible. I can stay at home and get an MBA. It’s like a dream—great article, very helpful. Appreciate it.

  3. Bryan Cole

    Thank you for this information. I have been going back and forth between my options. I had originally intended on going to a physical university but had changed my mind due to finances and needing to be close to family to help out. That being said, I have been looking into online options more and wanted to find a solid place to earn my MBA through. I love the sound of these options and will look into them further. Again, thanks for the information!

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