About Us

Businessman holding up MBA graphics

Welcome to BeyondAnMBA.com. We make your MBA journey clear and straightforward. Our mission: to guide your career advancement with actionable insights.

Who We Are

We’re a team of educators, business experts, and content creators. We focus on breaking down MBA programs worldwide. Our content covers program analyses, career strategies, application advice, and financial planning.

With the backing of the Unicurve company, we aim to arm you with the knowledge to move forward confidently.


Our credibility stems from Andrew Lancaster, our Chief Content Strategist. Andrew holds a PhD in Economics from The Australian National University. His career spans public service and educational entrepreneurship, including founding Unicurve and Lerna Courses. Andrew’s leadership guarantees our content is accurate, relevant, and practical. His commitment to informed decision-making shapes our mission.

Our Vision

Education transforms lives. We aim to be your primary resource for MBA-related decisions. Our focus is on providing clarity and up-to-date industry insights. We support you from considering an MBA to using your degree in business.


At BeyondAnMBA.com, we focus on what really helps you through your MBA journey and beyond. Here’s how we do it.

1. Personalized MBA consultation

You get to talk directly with experts like Andrew Lancaster. They know the ins and outs of MBA programs. They listen to what you want and guide you to make choices that fit your career goals.

2. Career coaching

Our career coaching isn’t just advice. It’s practical help for what comes after your MBA. We help you figure out job markets, make your brand stand out, and plan your career moves.

3. Financial planning advice

MBA costs can be overwhelming. We break it down for you. From budgeting to finding scholarships and handling loans, we guide you through making smart financial choices.

Why Us

Choosing us means you’re looking for real support, not just information. We’re here to offer practical help, from picking the right MBA to setting up your career and finances. We keep things clear and focused on your success. Join us on this journey.